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5 Photography Tips to Practice in Anticipation of Your Cape Town Trip

For most people photography can be a disappointing hobby, with snapshots never coming out quite the way you imagined.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you come home from your next Cape Town trip with photographs to match your awesome memories.

Make the Most of Your Accommodation

There’s so much to do and see in Cape Town that there’s a good chance you won’t know where to start snapping away. Planning every shot before you leave can help ensure that doesn’t happen.

If you want to capture some wonderful seascapes and water sports action during your stay, be sure to book accommodation with a view of the ocean. You’ll get much better photographs from an elevated position, plus you’ll have all the time in the world to compose your shots.

Plan Your Shots

When you’re putting your itinerary together, do some research on the best ways to capture these iconic sites. A Google images search will reveal thousands of pictures of Cape Town’s most photogenic places. You can also browse through stock photo websites like Shutterstock for inspiration.

Take note of the angles that look best for each destination and let this lead your ideas. For example, Table Mountain isn’t at its best when shot from close range. Rather plan to take photos of this iconic berg from the V&A Waterfront, or from the top of Lion’s Head. You’ll need a wide angle lens to make the most of the sheer size of it.

If you’re going up in the cable car, that’s the time to focus on capturing the Mother City from above.

Some of the other iconic shots you have to take include: 

You’re sure to discover a few new favourites of your own, Cape Town is filled with enough unique charms to catch your eye at every turn.  

Learn to Edit Photos

Pull up some of those old disappointing snaps and see how you can improve them. There are plenty of free online tools you can use to add filters and adjust the saturation to create beautifully composed images.

Practice Your Photography Right Now

Thanks to technology, taking photographs is free nowadays, so you can mess up as many times as you like. However, once you’ve left the Mother City, there’s no going back for a second take (not any time soon anyway).

Instead, make your mistakes at home. Use your camera to practice setting up images that please you. Take note of how different times of day affect lighting and which angles look most appealing as you go along.

Master the rule of thirds. This old photography trick implies that you should imagine your image broken into nine equal parts by dividing it with two horizontal and two vertical lines. Some cameras have these gridlines imposed over your image already.

Always try to place the object you’re focussing on one of the vertical or horizontal lines, never in the centre of the photograph.

Before long, this will become second nature.

Get Started Now

Book your Cape Town accommodation and start planning your photographic journey around Cape Town right now.

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