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5 Reasons Why Cape Town Travel Planning Is (Almost) as Good as the Real Thing

Travelling breeds empathy, creativity, and happiness, so it’s understandable that frustrated travel plans have led to despair all over the world.

However, there is a silver lining. It turns out even dreaming about your next Cape Town trip is good for your mental health. So just because your housebound right now, doesn’t mean you’re barred from enjoying the benefits of travel in another form.

Planning Boosts Happiness

A 2014 Cornell study discovered that anticipating a trip can increase your happiness more than thinking about buying material goods. So, if you’re going to be window shopping online, don’t head on over to Amazon, rather start here.

Anticipating Travel Improves Social Interactions

Part of the enjoyment is discussing your future travels with acquaintances in person, on the phone, and online. It turns out that people talk about their upcoming travels a lot, more than any recent material acquisitions.

During these times when we’re all running out of talking points, discussing your travel hopes and dreams brings a new topic to the fore, helping to enhance social bonds.

Looking Forward to your Trip is Optimistic

When you have something to look forward to you’re far more likely to develop an optimistic attitude rather than dwelling in the past or on negative news. This future-mindedness is an unfaltering ray of hope in these difficult times.

Travels Transient Nature Helps Keep Your Entertained

Since trips are temporary by nature, they’re treasured experiences that are only made better by anticipating every moment so that you can savour them fully when they finally arrive.  

There’s enough novelty in any trip to keep us preoccupied with the possibilities no matter how many times we’ve travelled to a destination before. Pondering on the ‘’what ifs’’ can help fill dull moments with interest as you go over every possibility in your mind.

Cape Town Travel Planning in Uncertain Times

Since you can’t book fixed dates for your travels right now, you have carte blanche to make the best of your upcoming trip. You can put together an itinerary that incorporates all your travel hopes dreams and start saving for a few extra special activities while you’re in town.

Your Cape Town travel planning starts here. Keep reading our blog or get in touch for more information.

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