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5 Top Photo Spots in Cape Town

Nowadays, you don’t need a fancy camera to take awesome photos. A half decent cellphone does a great job, especially if you want to show off your travel photos online.

So, if you’ve recently discovered the joys of photography, or you’re an old-hand armed with excellent skills and high-end equipment, make sure you put these top photo spots in Cape Town on your itinerary for your next visit in 2022.  

Street Art in Woodstock

Graffiti might not be the first thing you think of when you’re planning your photographic trip around Cape Town, but this is different. You’ll find these colourful and ever-changing artworks along side streets all over the hip district of Woodstock along with a huge variety of trendy shops and awesome markets at the Old Biscuit Mill.

Lion’s Head Caves

Wally’s Cave is the most famous of this infinitely snap worthy spots. However, you’ll find plenty of other hidey holes on the slopes of this iconic berg. Spend some time exploring and rewards will come in the form of some unique and memorable photos and opportunities for a picture-perfect picnic.

District Six

You’ll gain a more insightful view of the Mother City’s varied history in this part of town. Here you’ll find the District 6 Museum which tells of the horrors of forced relocations as well as some titbits surrounding the lighter side of life in this troubled area.

You’re bound to find something photo-worthy that pulls at your heartstrings in District Six.

Signal Hill at Sunset

You’ll get two treats rolled into one on Signal Hill. Firstly, the sunset views from here are staggeringly beautiful and well worth the thirty-minute hike to enjoy them.

Secondly, you can step away from the other sundowner enthusiasts at the viewpoint and take a walk toward Lion’s Head. Here you’ll find lovely panoramas of Cape Town’s iconic peaks awaiting your artistic intentions.

Explore Sunrise Options

For utterly unique photographs, head out on a hike at sunrise to discover some lesser-known spots. A drive around the shoreline will reveal many isolated beaches bathed in the morning glow. You can also set off on some of the less-popular trails of Lions Head for lovely, unexpected views at every turn.

Line Yourself Up to Discover the Photo Spots in Cape Town 

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