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6 Banting Friendly (Low Carb-High Fat eating) Luxury Cape Town eateries

6 Banting Friendly (Low Carb-High Fat eating) Luxury Cape Town eateries

BantingThe Tim Noakes eating plan is one food fad that seems to have taken Cape Town and even South Africa by the taste buds. It also looks set to stay, and if you subscribe to this low-carb high-fat way of life, you needn’t go without the Cape Town luxury of exceptional dining during your visit to the Mother City.

You will find that many restaurants have adapted their menus to offer carb-free or low-carb options, and we take a look here at some of the restaurants that are all on board to see to it that you don’t break your diet while visiting one of South Africa’s best foodie destinations:

Nuri Sushi Factory

Sushi in its original form is a popular choice when it comes to banting. Nuri Sushi has taken this one step further by adding a rice-free sushi option, called The Rothschild’s Special, made from all-natural ingredients, to its menu.

#LCHF at the Bay Harbour Market

The name says it all at #LCHF where you can select from a range of guilt-free treats such as the Banting Breakfast egg loaf with a patty made from grass-fed beef, free-range bacon, boerewors or spinach and feta.


Hudson’s is the home of carb-free eating in Cape Town and has always had a bun- and fries-free choice in the form of the Guido option, which adds salad and loses the carbs. Try it out on the lip-smacking ‘Player’ which is a beef patty topped with streaky bacon, feta and avo – delicious!

Little Miss Cupcake

If you have a sweet tooth, head to the Earth Fair Market on Thursdays at lunchtime to see just how delicious these sweet treats can be sans the sugar and carbs. Don’t miss out on the 85% Lindt chocolate brownies.

The Local Grill

Meat is a staple of banters and if you love a good steak you will be in seventh heaven at the Local Grill in Woodstock, where they make meat their business. Purists can handpick their own hormone-free grain-fed steak from a selection of cuts varying in wetness and age. A spicy rub makes up for the lack of a high-carb sauce to add extra flavour to your meal.


Another Woodstock favourite, particularly for those with a sweet tooth, is chocolatier Rococoa. Sugar is a sin to banters but here you can indulge in a sugarless hot chocolate, and if you need to quell the appetite a selection of banting friendly meals such as beef curry with cauli rice, or a bunless beef burger with avo, cheese and egg are top of this small menu.

Ask around wherever you are in the Mother City and you are sure to find a luxury Cape Town dining experience that’s right for you, no matter how strict your diet.

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