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A Deep Dive into Cape Town’s Top Underwater Challenges

On 26 March 2016, Karen Van Den Oever dove into the 1,500 m depths of the Northern Cape’s Boesmansgat Cave and emerged the women’s world record holder for deep cave diving after 7 hours underwater.  

Van Den Oever’s inspiration for this excellent achievement came from meeting the previous record holders and her journey towards this incredible achievement started in 2001.

Her years of hard work and single-minded determination finally paid off, and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

Are you an avid cave diver? Whether you aspire to these incredible depths, or you’re simply looking for a challenging underwater outing, you’ll find no shortage of suitable spots around Cape Town.

Wreck Diving

Cape Town’s turbulent seas mean there’s no shortage of ill-fated vessels littered around the coastline. These unfortunate craft are now home to some fascinating marine ecosystems, for you to explore.

These are some of the city’s best wreck dives: 

  • SS South African Seafarer – near Greenpoint Lighthouse
  • Maori – Llandudno on the west coast
  • Katzu Maru and Astor – Hout Bay
  • SAS Pietermaritzburg – Miller’s Point area, False Bay
  • The 5 wrecks of Smitswinkel Bay

Scuba Diving Sites

Scuba Diving uncovers Cape Town’s wealth of underwater beauty all along the coastline. Wherever you’re staying in Cape Town, you’ll find interesting and challenging nooks and crannies to explore.

These are some of the city’s top places for scuba diving: 

  • The A-Frame – kelp forests frequented by octopus, cuttlefish, and shy sharks
  • Castle Rock – a rocky site inhabited by Red Roman, Steenbras, Shy Sharks, Butterfish, and Pyjama Sharks
  • False Bay – a beautiful offshore rocky reef
  • Pinnacle – see false corals, sea squirts, red bait, nudibranchs, and spider crabs
  • Blousteen – see Cape fur seals among the nudibranchs and gravel beds

Cave Diving in Cape Town

For a gentle introduction to the art of cave diving, the closest cave diving site to the Mother City is Justin’s Caves. You’ll find this prime spot on the Peninsula in the Oudekraal area.

This is a relatively easy site for diving with granite outcrops, overhands, narrow gaps between the rocks and swim throughs. Divers should remember to bring a torch if they want to explore this area thoroughly.

You’ll find plenty of hard and soft corals, anemones, and nudibranchs to enjoy here as well as abundant ocean life forms. It’s the perfect place to start training for your own record-breaking underwater milestones.

Explore Cape Town’s Best Dive Sites

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