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Beautiful Beach Style

There is little doubt that if villains were looking for James Bond and his leading lady anywhere in Cape Town, they would find him at Shimmy Beach Club at the V&A Waterfront mainly because there is parking for his helicopter, boat or car depending on how he chooses to arrive, and also because there is the select choice of entertainment.

The Beach Club

No one seems to think it ironic that the hottest place to be is also the coolest; there are two bars, a hydraulic stage and a wide deck which leads to an infinity pool and private beach.  Here the hottest of Cape Town’s elite, strip down to bikini’s to cool off by sipping cocktails on loungers or under canopied Bedouin style beds, until the heat is unbearable and they have to have a dip in the infinity pool.  When the sun goes down it heats up even more when the D’J’s play and the dancing starts.

Excellent cuisine

The restaurant is headed by chef/owner Seelan Sundoo and his brilliant crew, the  nautical theme ensures that you are never too far away from the beach vibe, and serves up high class dishes with strong international flavours and influences.  If you can’t bear to leave the sunshine, you can enjoy your meal on the deck while you watch the boats coming in and out of the harbour or the people getting in and out of the pool.

Shimmy Beach Whisky and Vodka Tasting

For groups bookings of those, like Bond, who appreciate the finer aspects of alcoholic beverages, Shimmy offers tastings of a range of Whiskeys and Vodka’s, the premium versions of the latter can be enjoyed with caviar tastings at a refreshing minus two degrees Celsius in the suitably named Vodka Vault.  Wear an authentic ushanka hat and big fur coat and experience for yourself why this is the Russian drink of choice in sub-zero temperatures.

Shimmy may be a beach club, but they have pretty strict fashion rules, so keep it chic and leave the casual wear for the real beach.

South Arm Road, V&A Harbour Waterfront; +27 (0)21 200 7778

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