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Sea(e) the Big 5 During Your Cape Town Trip

Aug 30, 2021
No trip to Cape Town is complete without ticking the Big 5 off your list. The marine version, ...
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5 Reasons to Travel to Cape Town

Aug 23, 2021
Cape Town is the most popular and well-known destination in South Africa. Here’s why people love to travel ...
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Traditional Fashions: More About Cape Town Culture

Aug 16, 2021
You’ll find no shortage of things to admire when it comes to Cape Town culture. The city’s awash ...
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How Well Do You Know Your Facts About South Africa?

Aug 06, 2021
So, you think you know South Africa? Take our quiz, check your knowledge and discover some astonishing facts ...
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Meet the African Penguin on Netflix

Jul 23, 2021
Tune into Cape Town from afar with a new documentary featuring the Boulders Bay’s African penguin. Here are ...
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5 Top Photo Spots in Cape Town

Jun 28, 2021
Are you looking for Cape Town self-catering accommodation for 2022 and curious about where to stay for the ...
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Top Cape Town Sights for your 2022 Travel Bucket List

Jun 18, 2021
It’s never too early or too late to start planning your Cape town holiday. Get going with this ...
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4 Reasons to Spend Your Winter Holiday in Cape Town

Jun 14, 2021
Summer’s over in Cape Town but that’s no reason to skip this destination in your planning. Here’s why ...
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The New Face of Responsible Travel in 2021

May 31, 2021
Travel during a pandemic is impossible, it’s just changed a little. Here’s how to embrace responsible travel in ...
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A Deep Dive into Cape Town’s Top Underwater Challenges

May 28, 2021
Deep diving into the depths of Cape Town’s oceans makes South African born Van Den Oever a world ...
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