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Cape Town Art for Everyone at IPAF 2021

The City of Cape Town’s got something special in store for everyone this Valentine’s weekend. Not only will the IPAF event have Cape Town art lovers all starry-eyed, but it’s also set to beautify some of the city’s neighbourhoods and engage the whole community in conversation.

This year, participating artists have been tasked with presenting the concept of ‘100% Sustainable’ in a way that’s bound to get people talking. The initiative takes place in Cape Town’s Salt River suburb and includes ground-breaking works from both local and international street artists.

Some of the entries include artworks in biodegradable paint that wash away to represent something entirely unexpected. Others are temporary works that return to nature over time and many of them represent a new take on using recycled materials to create something beautiful.

As diverse as they are, each work has one aim and that’s to get people talking, thinking, and interacting.

The Story Behind IPAF

Baz Art’s the NGO behind this gorgeous showcase of talent and artistic diversity. The organisation’s dedicated to proving art’s ability to transform and unify society based on three important pillars:


There’s no doubt that art has positive academic, personal, cognitive, social, and civil benefits.

Art helps children (and adults) to think abstractly, assisting them in problem-solving and reasoning. It also brings communities together by bridging cultural differences through mutual understanding of the universal language of creative expression.   

Artistic Eclosion

Africa is awash with an enormous diversity of talent which is recognised worldwide. However, the continent lacks a local showcase of these abilities. This drives some of our best talents to seek recognition abroad.

Baz Art aims to keep South African talent at home by supporting platforms – like IPAF – that provide the recognition our artists so richly deserve. Baz-Art intends to make South Africa ‘the place to be’ for artists by creating opportunities for earnings as well as access to exposure.

Thanks to the support of the City of Cape Town, IPAF is one of the major events that supports this aim.

Social Inclusion

Art can have a powerful transformative action within communities. By beautifying their surroundings, art helps uplift urban environments and engender a sense of pride among inhabitants.

In this way, art can indirectly improve people’s attitudes and sense of responsibility towards their neighbourhood, creating a mutual sense of pride, belonging and fellowship.

Enjoying Cape Town Art With IPAF

In line with the themes of sustainability and social responsibility, people are invited to walk and bike Salt River while enjoying the street art on display. Even better if you enlist the services of a local guide to show you the way.

If you can’t make it to Cape Town this year, remember, art has no boundaries. You can enjoy the festival and find out more about this initiative on YouTube instead.

If you can make it to Cape Town in time, get in touch and we’ll help you find the best accommodation for all your Cape Town adventures.

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