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Cape Town Inner City Performing Arts District – Cathy and the Trolley Dollies

Cape Town Inner City Performing Arts District – Cathy and the Trolley Dollies

Cathy Specific

Cathy Specific

The queen of the skies, Cathy Specific (aka Brendon van Rhyn) is at the helm of the new Gate69 Theatre Club in Bree Street, along with partners Christopher Dudgeon and Luanna Shonfield. Known fondly as the ‘purple palace’ on one of the Mother City’s trendiest streets, this supremely elegant venue is the product of years of dreaming and searching for the perfect location.

Gate69 joins the ranks of Zip Zap Circus, The Fugard Theatre and Alexander Bar, Café and Theatre in the Cape Town CBD which offer a welcome alternative to the many late-night clubs in the area. This gorgeous theatre doubles up as a venue for plush corporate events or special celebrations and is open every day from noon until 01h30.

Dress to impress

Dress up and show up to Ms Specific’s latest production, Cathy and the Trolley Dollies for a glam night on the town – the perfect place to show off your over-the-top luxury Cape Town style. Here, your hostess will personally greet you at the door with a kiss on both cheeks and usher you down the red carpet, with a wave of her manicured purple talons.

It’s clear you are in for a fabulous time from the start, as you stop off at the extravagant bar area for a tipple before venturing downstairs to the 80-seater dinner theatre. Dinner is served an hour before take-off and consists of a large tiered Mezze platter of finger-friendly titbits accompanied by comfort food in the form of sweet brown onion soup and a selection of breads.

Sky high performances

After munching and mingling, it’s time to buckle up and enjoy this version of what goes on behind the scenes a mile in the sky. Cathy and her Trolley Dollies, Holly and Molly, light up the stage with their theatrical song and dance routines, hysterical innuendoes and ad lib asides. Popular hits such as Dolly Parton’s 9-to-5 and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary add foot-tapping sing-a-long impact to a thoroughly enjoyable night out.

Afterwards, a round of alcoholic ice cream appears, along with the three hostesses who flit among the tables chatting to the guests, revealing personalities as big as their on-stage hair-do’s.

Cathy and the Trolley Dollies is highly recommended for a light-hearted luxury Cape Town night out, book your tickets online and prepare to be entertained!

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