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Cape Town is Readier than Ever to Welcome You This Summer

It’s a fact, you can go right ahead and book your self-catering accommodation in Cape Town this summer, without feeling guilty about placing a burden on water supplies.

While the last two years have been harsh ones for the Western Cape, a wonderfully wet winter has meant that Capetonians are able to put these unpleasant memories behind them. The Mother City has escaped with a sharp slap on the wrist, and the whole country has experienced a wake-up call regarding our water use.

It’s Going to Be a Great Summer in Cape Town

Despite these trying times, many positives have emerged from the recent water shortage in Cape Town. People have learnt that together they can avert disaster and many of the unique water-saving initiatives put in place at the time have now become the new normal.

The best news of all is that the Western Cape dams have undergone a massive recovery, hovering at an average of over 70% full. Although the city never closed its doors to tourism during the disaster, things are back normal just in time for a summer filled with fun for everyone.

Although water restrictions remain in place, there’s a lot more to go around, meaning you will experience few inconveniences during your stay. Many members of the hospitality industry have installed rain water tanks and desalination plants to ease the burden on municipal water and ensure that their guests are well catered for.

These measures remain in place, even though the crisis has lifted.

Likewise, the city is working on constructing salination plants to alleviate the load.

Cape Town is Ready for a Bumper Season

So, come back to Cape Town. Tourism is the lifeblood of this vibrant city and we’ve been able to accommodate you all along. After all, tourism numbers only increase the population by 1% during peak times – it’s a small burden to bear for the pleasure we take in welcoming guests from all over the world.

If you really want to help the situation in the Mother City, book your self-catering accommodation in Cape Town and avoid missing out on the celebrations. It’s business as usual this summer and there’s plenty of bubbly to go around.

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