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Cape Town’s Secret Sunrise

silhouette-1479058_640A new Cape Town luxury has taken the city by storm. Now early risers can greet the dawn to the sound of music, ensuring an epic start to the day.

Cape Town’s gorgeous beaches are the perfect place to get an awesome day under way using what’s freely available to us all- stunning scenery and scintillating sunrises. This African-inspired, nationwide activity takes place in Cape Town at locations that remain a secret until the last minute.

Where will the next one be?

Will it be in a sheltered spot away from the winter chill? On a glorious beachfront overlooking Table Mountain’s famous silhouette? Or will it be at a rooftop venue with a view of the awakening city?

The one guarantee is that you will have the freedom to express yourself with dance or meditation and an incredible chance to get your day grooving on an awesome footing.

Up to 300 people at a time gather at these fun occasions. Some are office workers, some are students, some are older folk full of youthful exuberance and many are visitors to the Mother City, just like you.

There’s no dress code, although spandex makes an appearance among the athletically inclined. Superhero outfits, sunflowers and animal-themed onesies have all made an entrance at these events.

Wireless headsets ensure a soundless experience to the casual observer, and the appearance that everyone is dancing to their own beat. Which they are!

Mingle after your session with fellow revellers while sipping on cold pressed juices before heading off into the sunrise for what can only become a great day!

Secret dates, secret locations

Previous sessions have taken place at the V&A Waterfront, St James Beach, Hillcrest Quarry, Alphen Common in Constantia, on top of Table Mountain and at the Football Academy in Gardens.

There’s no knowing what you’ll get when you book other than the knowledge that you will be in for a celebration in a location that’s easy to reach from your luxury Cape Town accommodation.

The procedure is simple, buy a ticket and receive an SMS 24 hours before the event. This gives you enough time to prepare for the 6:30 am start and plan your day accordingly.

Tickets cost R100 and are available online. Keep tabs on the Secret Sunrise Facebook page for details on when and where the next gathering will be held. The secret is kept closely guarded until the moment of revelation, but it’s one secret that you don’t want to miss out on.

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