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Catch up with Cape Town Culture on a Free Walking Tour

One of the many things that Cape Town has in spades is a diverse culture. This multi-national, multi-racial city is one of the best places countrywide to get a glimpse of the different people that continue to shape and grow the Rainbow Nation.

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes during these free tours of the city’s top cultural attractions.

The Bo-Kaap

There’s no better place to begin your exploration of the Cape’s fascinating cultural heritage than this place that was once home to slaves from Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of Africa.

Together, this group of people became known as the Cape Malays – a ‘’new race’’ unique to the Western Cape.

It’s an area that grabs you by the senses and invites you in to the warm heart of the Cape’s Malay heritage. The colourful houses will fascinate you, the good-natured charm of the locals will blow you away and the traditional cuisine will have you longing for more.

Take a cooking tour to find out the secrets behind the cuisines that are all their own, walk among relics of their difficult past in museums, celebrate their immaculately preserved shrines and mosques and marvel at their hospitality wherever you go.

The walking tours depart from the Motherland Coffee Company in Mandela Rhodes Place. Look for the green umbrellas and join in at 2pm or 4:20pm daily. Historic tours of the city also depart in the mornings from this central location.

Go Where You Want to

Cape Town Free Walking Tours also offers custom tours according to your tastes. Get in touch with them to discuss your options.

Some of the more popular options include a Taste of Cape Town outing which will show you where to get your hands on some cultural cuisine in the form of shishanyama, Cape Malay curries and koeksister, to name a few. Don’t miss a chance to try some of the local craft beers, both traditional and contemporary.

The musically-inclined might want to indulge in traditional Djembe drumming, check out the street performers at their best or find out more about Cape Town’s Jazz culture.

Or, you can mix and match elements from all of the above.

Under Your Own Steam

If you’d prefer to go it on your own, download the VoiceMap app which will guide you on audio tours of the city. Since it’s linked to GPS, the app knows exactly where you are at any time, so you get a running commentary on all the important sights as you amble around.

Your journey begins when you book your Cape Town self-catering stay with us. Get in touch and start planning your forays into Cape town culture.

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