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What catches the attention of first time visitors to Cape Town?

cape-town-2107377_1920Locals tend to take the Mother City for granted but first-time visitors are always amazed when they arrive at this internationally-renowned destination. Cape Town is full of surprises, such as:

Getting Around

Cars driving on the wrong side of the road is one of the first things that international tourists notice when they arrive in the Mother City. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to get around besides driving yourself.

Amazing infrastructure

On a first visit to Africa, many international guests expect lions walking the streets – which are usually dirt roads in their minds, and smoke signals for communication. What surprises them is the Cape Town luxury, efficient modern infrastructure, and first-world facilities.

The Views

The gorgeous views in every direction are almost too much for first-timers to take in. Cape Town is a magnificent city, surrounded with oceans, mountains and verdant pastures in close proximity. The diversity of its people always amazes too.

The Weather

Africa can get hot, but Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate is totally acceptable to foreign tourists and the extra-long summer days are an added bonus. The concept of layering your clothing is a fashion-must in the Mother City though, where you can experience 4 seasons in one day at times.

The Vibe

The mantra of most locals is “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Compared to the US and Europe, things proceed at a much gentler pace in the Mother City with a strong emphasis on quality vs quantity when it comes to living. Capetonians are particularly laid back and service in restaurants can sometimes appear slow, when in reality the staff are just making sure that you experience life at Cape Town pace!

Cultural Diversity

Cape Town’s citizens hail from all over the world both recently and historically – which makes for some interesting conversations. While the main language is English, there are so many dialects and slang terms that it can get confusing, but there is always a friendly soul nearby to translate.

Food, Glorious Food

Incredible dining at affordable prices. Even the simplest meal in Cape Town is a gourmet affair and with the favourable exchange rate, international guests can get to try it all. Fresh seafood, plump steaks, local delicacies and street food are all equally appealing to travellers. When it comes to wine, Cape Town is a world leader in affordability and quality.

dias-point-lighthouse-1957712_1280Too Many Oceans

Having two oceans is a strange concept for any city but what stuns visitors the most is how the water can be so inviting and so cold at the same time!

Table Mountain

Cape Town’s most famous icon is much larger in real life than it appears in photos and the way the mountains hug the city is fascinating.

Book your trip to Cape Town and you, too, will be pleasantly surprised.

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