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Dining Options During Your Cape Town Self-Catering Stay – Foxcrofts

A Cape Town self-catering stay means you get to choose from a selection of top-class restaurants come mealtimes, and Foxcrofts is one of the best.

Decisions, decisions! They’re the order of the day when it comes to dining during your Cape Town self-catering stay. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a bad one.

The Mother City has options to suit any appetite, preference or budget and Foxcroft’s is bound to tick several boxes when it comes to eating out.

A Tradition of Excellence

It’s no surprise that the inspired dining at Foxcroft’s is the talk of the town among Cape Town food lovers.  

This upmarket venue is co-owned by Glen Foxcroft Williams and Scot Kirton, of La Colombe fame, although this restaurant offers a more laid-back vibe than it’s Constantia neighbour.  

Both chefs are known for their precise attention to detail, exquisite plating and out-there dishes. Together they’ve created a selection of dishes that are every bit as delicious as they are beautiful.

Local Treasures

Foxcroft’s prides itself on the freshest locally-sourced ingredients put together with absolute respect for flavour and quality.

Free-range poultry, grass-fed beef and line fish still dripping from Cape Town’s oceans are the order of the day at Foxcroft’s.

There’s no shortage of top-class wines and craft beers on offer, courtesy of Cape Town’s vineyards and breweries. The cocktails are expertly mixed for ultimate refreshment and pizazz. Be sure to try their signature blend of spiced rum, granadilla and mint.

What’s on the Menu

The menu takes on a Spanish-style fixed format with tapas and starters followed by a choice of mains and dessert. The lunch offers a pared down version of the dinner menu, serving as a worthy introduction to the larger evening selection.

Some of the delights on offer include:

  • A tandoori cauliflower mousse with sultanas, naan bread and lemon pickle.
  • Beef tartare with egg yolk, mustard and wild garlic.
  • Asparagus risotto and boerenkaas, confit lemon and hazelnut.
  • Poached line fish served with charred corn, seaweed and Thai broth.
  • Duck glazed with nectarine, and bursting with the flavours of olives, garlic and mushrooms.

For dessert you get to choose from lush buttermilk panna cotta with grapefruit, oats and basil, or compressed strawberries with verbena and bergamot. A final sweet ending is the Belmori Tanglewood with dates, pickled onion, walnuts and radish.

Prepare for the Feast

From the moment you set foot on Cape Town soil, you’ll be overwhelmed by options for eating out. A little research on our blog will point you in the right direction and booking your luxury Cape Town self-catering accommodation with us places you in the heart of the culinary action.

Get in touch today and start planning.

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