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Dive Cape Town Beaches: Testing the waters

phoca_thumb_l_diverTesting the waters


There are many ways to explore the luxury of Cape Town beaches, on land and even from the air, but some decide to explore the fascinating under-water world, and abundant marine life.


This includes seal diving and, of course, shark cage diving, but few know about all the things deep sea diving has to offer.

If you enjoy the thought of getting up close to nature, under the ocean, without the hindrance of metal bars deep-sea diving is for you!

With Pisces Divers you can explore the ocean of Cape Town and swim with the seven gill cowshark or spotted cowshark, and yes, the word ‘cow’ appearing in the shark’s name should put you at ease.

These sharks are known as prehistoric apex predators. They are social feeders, non-aggressive and are usually seen in groups of up to 18 at a time.

The boat takes you right to the spot where these shy sharks usually gather and then you go down into the channel (about 12 metres in). After that, the channel that runs north/south, has sharks swimming up and down passing you at arm’s length, and this is where the magic happens!

You get so close to these amazing animals that you will start to recognise individual sharks by their spots, scrapes and distinctive bites.

If this form of diving is a little too hair-raising for you, you could consider starting off with some training first. In fact, a PADI ‘discover scuba diving’ experience is just the thing to start your diving activities. If you have the time, you may even do a two day training course, where you could become a certified PADI Scuba Diver.

The point is – if you are interested in deep-sea diving in Cape Town, you will find an option to suit your level of experience.

You could even walk away with a whole new qualification to explore the waters beyond, or at least some beautiful and unique underwater photographs.

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