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East Meets West in the Mother City – Lucy Ethiopian Café

Cape Town is famous for its multicultural vibe as well as its excellent opportunities for dining. Now you can experience the best of both at Lucy Ethiopian Caféin Long Street. This small cosy restaurant has been described as an Ethiopian experience (in South Africa of course) rather than just a place to eat.

It’s well worth popping in for a bite while staying in Cape Town self-catering accommodation.

African Ambience and Hospitality

On you next trip down Long street, step away from the bustle of the bars and nip into this haven of warm lighting and soothing African beats.  

You’ll be welcomed with typical African hospitality and a handwashing ceremony complete with authentic silver teapot, before ambling past authentic artwork to your gorgeously handwoven table for the main event.

What’s for Dinner?

At Lucy, dining is an immersive tactile experience, centred on sharing and getting your hands dirty in the process. Expect literal finger-licking goodness and flavour combinations that will ignite your imagination.

A sharing plate of huge pancake-like injera made from rice and teff flour is first up, accompanied by piles of delicious stew, meat and vegetables.

After that you’ll have carte blanche on a selection of combo-platters with more injera to mop up the sauces. Whichever variety you choose, you’re assured of a sensational combination of colour, flavour and spices.

Here’s a taster of what to expect: 

  • Kaye Sega Wot, consisting of slow cooked beef with onion, garlic and berbere Ethiopian spice.
  • Kitfo, made of prime beef tartare seasoned with clarified butter and chilli powder.
  • Vegetarian platters containing red split lentil stew (misir wot) spiced with berbere, garlic and ginger, potato sautéed in onions, garlic and berbere (dinich wot).

If you’d like something on the side, go for Ethiopian salad with yoghurt and ayeb cottage cheese. 

The dessert menu is small but effective containing simple dishes like Dom Pedros and vanilla ice cream with baklava.

The obvious accompaniment to any meal in Cape Town is a glass of fine local wine, but you can opt for beer or soft drinks too. When you’ve devoured the last morsel and mopped up every drop of rich sauce, you can end your evening with a cup of strong, fragrant Ethiopian coffee.

Set Off On a Culinary JourneyThe first step towards lapping up the culinary excellence of the city starts when you book your Cape Town self-catering accommodation. Get in touchtoday and let the feasting begin.

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