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Find out the meaning of Cape Town ‘Gees’ during LifeCycle Week

Find out the meaning of Cape Town ‘Gees’ during LifeCycle Week
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Now that the festive cheer of the Christmas season is ‘so last year’, and most of the luxury Cape Town racing events have gone thundering by, it’s time to gear up for the next big thing on the city’s social calendar – The Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Taking part

More than just a bike race, the Cape Town Cycle Tour sees the Mother City carried away in a frenzy of special events and high spirits, fuelled by visitors from all over the world. The winner gains serious ‘cred’ in the international sporting fraternity (along with a handsome prize) and all 40 000 entries are usually sold out within 24 hours of opening. The Cape Town Cycle Tour also just happens to be the world’s largest timed cycling event. If you are very, very, lucky and riding in the name of charity you may still be able to book a spot at the starting line, but even these entries are rather thin on the ground at this stage.

A whirlwind of activity

The build-up to the main race begins a week before, and the hype around 2017 is no exception, with both sanctioned and unofficial events packing the calendar from 5 to 12 March this year, during Lifecycle Week.

The crowds start to gather around this time too, checking in to their luxury Cape Town accommodation early in order to explore the range of restaurants, nightclub, historic sites and things to do in and around the city, and no doubt for a sneak peek at the testing (albeit scenic) race route.

Everyone’s invited

Some of the official do’s to diarise during Lifecycle Week include:

  • The MTB Challenge at Le Bonheur Estate in Stellenbosch on 4 and 5 March 2017 offers a set of 5 different routes for those who like it rough, ranging from 14km to 55km in length.
  • The Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, hosted by Cape Town Stadium from 9 to 11 March 2017 is a mass of cycling-related stalls, exhibitions, and experiences fuelled by a great range of eats and drinks in true Cape Town style.
  • The Cape Town Cycle Tour Junior is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the thrills of cycling and include them in the excitement of Lifecycle Week, with races for all ages to call their own.

On the day


The main event takes place on Sunday 12 January, kicking off at the crack of dawn, so (if you aren’t peddling away for your life) pack a picnic basket or the trusty old ‘skottel braai’ and get there early to secure your spot along the route of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017.

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