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Forget the sharks, dive with the seals

Shark cage diving, albeit extremely exciting, has just become very 2013!  The new luxury Cape Town activity is snorkeling with the playful seals of the Cape, in Hout Bay.

Yes, this may seem like a strange activity, but these playful souls offer quite the experience when you dive into their world.  And the best part is you don’t have to be an experienced diver or snorkeler.  Your journey will start in Hout Bay Harbour, from where you take a quick and easy boat ride to Duiker Island. Gear and suits are provided by Animal Ocean, and you are in the good hands of Steve Benjamin during your trip. Steve is a commercial diver, zoologist, marine guide and skipper.

But of course you are thinking this is crazy – what about he sharks? Not to worry, this is in the Atlantic Ocean and way too cold for Great Whites to be lurking around. Animal Ocean also knows what they are doing, choosing shallow waters with lots of kelp, which is apparently not an attractive scenario for sharks. So you can rest easy. Just like the White Sharks, you too may find the water a little chilly, but your wet suit, gloves and booties are sure to keep you comfortable.  What’s more, the suits will also make it easy for you to stay afloat and enjoy the view of the playful seals below without sinking.

With Steve’s guidance you are sure to get the best out of the experience. Reputed to be similar to dogs, seals love interacting and are inquisitive creatures. But do keep in mind they are wild animals and have sharp teeth and claws, so it is best not to touch, no matter how friendly they are!

For those who feel plunging into the Atlantic Ocean is just a bit out of their comfort zone, there is always the option to enjoy the boat road and wave to the seals from afar. But just peeking into the underwater world of the seals will give you a whole new insight into these creatures and you are sure to rate this as one of your top luxury Cape Town experiences.

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