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The Italian Job Brewery

The Italian Job Brewery

BreweryThere’s a new craft beer in town and it brings together a delightful mix of cultures to the Mother City. Brewed in Blackheath by a German-trained brew master and a proudly South African family of Italian Descent, The Italian Job beers bring a delightful mix to the table. Make sure you try out this latest Cape Town luxury this summer.

Starting conversations

The Viglietti family are no strangers to the industry being providers of wine processing equipment, olive oil plants and microbrewery equipment for some years. They are passionate about their Italian heritage with its strong emphasis on quality workmanship and this is reflected in their latest business venture – The Italian Job Brewery.

With only a coincidental reference to the movie, the name of the brewery reflects the Italian heritage of a family working to produce something exceptional for the South African market. You will come across another Italian-South African link in the name of the beers produced here – Le Grande Cinque which means ‘The Big Five’ in Italian.

This reference to the animal kingdom has been amended to suit the ethos of the family and refers to their ‘five words to live by’ which are also the names of their beers. A play on words which is intended to get people talking, wondering and philosophising around the table.

Le Grande Cinque

Get your fill of the big five on a brewery tour or pick up a six pack at the brewery and settle down to enjoy them with friends and family – as intended by the team at The Italian Job.

  • Amicizia (Friendship) Weiss is a pale unfiltered beer popular with the ladies. The name means ‘friendship’ which is one of the five words to live by.
  • Amore (Love) Amber Ale is the perfect coupling of toasted malt characters and light fruitiness.
  • Forza (Strength) IPA is a full bodied and flavourful Indian Pale Ale.
  • Famiglia (Family) Pilsner is an ever-popular dense rich bitter brew.
  • Gioia (Joy) Oktoberfest beer is only brewed for this special occasion Gioia is everything a beer should be at once – sweet, malty and full of hops flavour.

All of these are carefully created by dedicated master brewer Sven Lehy who trained under Wolfgang Koedl at Paulaner Brauhaus. Together with Koedl he started the Cape Brewing Company in 2011 and joined the Viglietti’s in 2015 to assist in their new venture.

Sample a luxury Cape Town explosion of culture with a German beer, made by an Italian family in South Africa, from 9 to 5 on weekdays or from 9 to 12 on Saturdays.

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