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Maximize Your Holidays With These Annual Leave Ideas

After the New Year’s celebrations die down, it doesn’t take long for thoughts to return to holiday plans for the year to come. That’s when competition is at its hottest for the best leave days, centred around bank holidays and weekends. 

With international borders beginning to open, and travel options changing almost weekly, it’s time to start thinking about making plans to cross the open seas!

Beat your colleagues to the punch with these annual leave ideas to help ensure you make the most of your free time in 2021.

Book Three Days Leave and Get 10 Days Off – December 2020 to January 2021

You might be a little slow off the mark to pull this one off, but it’s worth a try. Official bank holidays in December and January include Christmas Day and Boxing Day as well as New Year’s day along with an extra day off on 28 December.

So, if you take the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December out of your annual leave, you’ll be away from your desk from the afternoon of 24 December 2020, all the way to January 2, 2021.

You can do the same at the end of 2021, thanks to the extra bank holidays on 27 and 28 December.

April 2021 – Take Four Days Leave and Get 10 Days Off

Easter time’s another great opportunity to take advantage of bank holidays to maximize your leave days.

Thanks to the Easter weekend from 2 to 5 April 2021, you can book off  6th,7th,8th, and 9th of April to get ten days for the ‘price of 4’.

May 2021 – Take Three Days Off and Get 9 Days Leave

If you miss the rush on the Easter break, you can take two long weekends in May thanks to the bank holidays on the 3rd and 31st of May. Alternatively, you can skip the country and visit Cape Town for 9 whole days by taking the 4thto the 7th out of your annual leave.

August to September 2021 – Get 9 Days Off When You Take 4 Days Leave

On Monday 30 August, the UK celebrates the Summer bank holiday, so you can take off 4 days leave from 28 August and end up with 9 days away from your desk.

The best part is if you swoop in early with your requests for leave, you could get to enjoy 38 days off by using just 13 days of leave.

More Great Holiday Ideas

More days off mean you can go further and explore more on your holidays. That means a Cape Town getaway could be within your reach during 2021.

Check out our website for more great annual leave ideas as well as the best places to stay during your time in Cape Town.

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