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Now’s the Time for South African Wine

People of the world – it’s time to drink up! The South African wine industry is appealing to wine lovers across the globe to support them more than ever before.

The lockdown-related alcohol ban in South Africa, has brought this once thriving industry to its knees. So, if you want to enjoy the excellent vintages in future, you need to buy South African wine today.

The Wine Industry in South Africa Today

While the alcohol ban in South Africa’s been eased once again, there’s no relief in sight for the embattled wine industry that’s been floundering under the five-month lockdown imposed on this country.

Winemakers have suffered a double whammy under lockdown restrictions. They’ve been crushed by the alcohol ban and also suffered under severe tourism restrictions. 

The wine estates outside Cape Town rely on visitors from around the world to support their wine tastings, tours, and other related activities. Initial export restrictions have taken their toll too, and now with the next harvest on the horizon, these estates find themselves with full cellars and nowhere to store this year’s pickings. 

A struggling wine industry has a rippling effect across society, affecting farm laborers and their dependants, restaurants, tour operators, packaging plants, the transport industry and more. 

What’s in it For You?

The good news is that wine enthusiasts from abroad can still enjoy South African wines in restaurants or at home. You can do this by ordering wines online or supporting those international restaurants who have come onboard with the Restaurant Rescue Project. 

According to this initiative, patrons can buy a voucher for one of South Africa’s prestigious restaurants like The Test Kitchen, and Wolfgat. These vouchers are valid for two years and entitle the holder to a meal as well as a case of local wines when they next visit Cape Town. 

So, in effect, you’ll get the benefit of budgeting for your next trip to South Africa in advance and the joy of paying this year’s prices on wine in two years’ time.  

Likewise, you’re bound to find restaurants and wine shops in your neighbourhood selling South African wines. 

So, the next time you’re at a restaurant or looking for fine wines to accompany your meal, think South African and discover some new vintages and blends you might not have tried before.

Remember, South African wines are acclaimed all over the world, so you’re likely to enjoy every minute you spend helping this industry survive a bad patch. 

Exploring the Wine Route

Whether they hail from boutique wineries or established estates South African wines are among the best on offer. 

So, start planning your trip to the winelands by booking your self-catering accommodation and flights to Cape Town now so you’ve got enough time to find your favourite before you leave. 

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