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Safe Travel to Cape Town 101

Now that travel restrictions to South Africa are starting to loosen up, many people are considering the fairest Cape as their next holiday destination. This begs the (by-now) common question of how to orchestrate safe travel to Cape Town.

Thankfully, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, together with Wesgro, has got it all covered with their new Safe Travels, Cape Town website.

A Hub of Information for Safe Travel to Cape Town

The Western Cape has launched its new Safe Travels, Cape Town website for tourists.

The ever-changing travel regulations and fluid COVID-19 situation is perplexing for travellers wishing to visit any country at the moment. Now, you can keep tabs on the latest regulations, requirements and safety tips thanks to the Safe Travels, Cape Town website.

This website aims to highlight the many unique attractions that the city has to offer tourists and how to enjoy this inimitable and popular destination safely.

Tackling Difficult Issues at the Source

The content for the Safe Travels, Cape Town website is based on information gleaned from social listening tools. These provide real-life insights into current concerns among potential travellers to Cape Town, which the developers used as a starting point for this information portal.

According to Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, Safe Travels, Cape Town was put in place to act as the go-to page for those wanting to enjoy the world-class tourism experiences on offer in the Mother City and Western Cape. It serves to put traveller’s minds at ease with regard to safety protocols and assure travellers that the Western Cape is travel-ready and the top choice for tourists wanting to spread their wings after a long year of stay-at-home initiatives.

In addition, the Tourism Safety Support Unit at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism is in place to answer email queries via

The Safe Travels website is just one example of the hard work put in by the tourist sector to help support businesses in the travel industry.

Whether you want to know logistical details, where to find help if needed, or brush up on your Western Cape facts, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the Safe Travels, Cape Town website.

Planning Your Safe Travels to Cape Town

Be sure to bookmark the safe travels website if you’re planning a holiday in the Western Cape and get in touch to book your accommodation. We’ll be happy to provide advice and guidance.

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