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Setting the stage for future stars – The Stardust Restaurant in Cape Town

StardustWoodstockNewLogoSetting the stage for future stars – The Stardust Restaurant

The Stardust Restaurant, located in ultra-hip Woodstock, holds the distinction of being somewhat of a launching pad for up and coming rock stars, as well as the place for fantastic fare and fabulous vocal performances.

The home of the singing waiter, the Stardust holds strict auditions when hiring wait-staff and rumour has it that it is sometimes easier to break into Broadway than to secure a spot on the long-waiting list at this esteemed venue.

All the waiters need to fit in to the high standards imposed by the restaurant owner, Lionel Liepaz, who will not employ anyone who does meet his medium to high range of talent requirements.

This selection process may seem slightly over the top, but when you consider that the likes of Nomfusi, singing sensation from The Long Walk to Freedom, Graham Watkins of the Graham Watkins Project and smooth crooner, Mathew Gold of Goodluck fame, all started out as singing waiters at the Stardust Theatre.

In between serving dishes from the designer tagine menu to their uber-cool customers, the waiters perform on a small stage, which is the focus of this Cape Town luxury restaurant.

The Stardust is one of the trendiest and most frequented spots for the arty set, who come here to let their hair down amongst their peers and your hosts will find it exceedingly strange if you leave early, especially without dancing on the table first, which is considered the norm at this festive venue.

It was this tide of popularity, which ultimately swept the Stardust Restaurant from its previous location in Rondebosch to the larger premises in Woodstock, which enables a wider range of clientele, especially from the Southern Suburbs, to make their way here alongside the faithful regulars.

A unique menu filled with superb Mediterranean and North African–inspired offerings is matched by the quirky interior design elements, such as bar stools created out of Vespas, a Baby Grand piano suspended from the roof and a bank vault.  In between dining and dancing on the tables, you will enjoy a medley of hits made famous by the likes of Adele, Miriam Makeba, Rihanna and Beyoncé, during a night out at the Stardust.

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