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The Safest Way to Travel to Cape Town

All over the world, people are super aware of social distancing right now. There’s a good chance these precautions may become a part of daily life for years to come too.

So even though you’re keen to resume your travel aspirations once the pandemic has passed, you probably have some questions. One of these is probably about how safe it is to get on board a plane with hundreds of other passengers.

Here’s why an aeroplane is the safest way to travel to Cape Town once our skies open.

Aircraft Air is Fresh Air

If there’s one thing that an aircraft has in abundance, it’s clean, fresh air. The air conditioning system onboard an aircraft, unlike those in buildings, doesn’t recycle much used air at all.
After all, if there’s one thing in abundance up in the sky, it’s air.

During your flight, the old air is sucked out via the cabin floor, mixed with outside air in a 50:50 ratio and pumped back into the cabin through the roof vents.

In this way, the air in the cabin is totally renewed at least 20 times every hour. 

Aircraft Air is Almost Sterile

Not only does this ensure fresh air for everyone onboard, every breath you take on board also passes through a high efficiency particulate air filter. These HEPA filters remove up to 99.9% of contaminants in the air, including viruses and bacteria.

Due to recent events, most airlines have upgraded their HEPA filters to hospital-grade which can filter out almost 100% of particles from the air. That means the air inside the cabin is comparable to that in an operating theatre.
The short story is, you have more chance of contracting a virus inside a shopping centre or office than you do while in flight. 

The Air in an Aircraft is in Constant Motion

Due to the way it’s withdrawn and pumped back into the cabin, the air inside an aircraft flows top to bottom, not around in circles like it does in an office building.

That means there’s no mixing of air between the rows, making it virtually impossible for bugs to swirl around the cabin. 

Safety Tips While Flying

While air in an aircraft is almost 100% safe, the same can’t be said of airports. That’s why you should follow all the safety precautions while inside the terminal.

South African airports already have stringent safety measures in place for local and domestic travel, so if you stick to these guidelines, wear a mask, and use a little common sense, you should be just fine.

We can’t wait to welcome those who are keen to travel to Cape town in the near future. Get in touch to book your accommodation before the rush resumes.

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