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When Budget or Five-Star Aren’t an Option – Choose Cape Town Self-Catering Accommodation

It’s true that Cape Town has the cure for every travel itch. Whether you’re looking for high-flying adventures, relaxed seaside moments, or luxurious experiences, the Mother City has it all.

But how does this vibrant city measure up for travel nowadays?

Cape Town has a wide range of options available accommodation-wise, from budget backpackers to five-star hotels, self-catering accommodation and everything in between. Yet, with the threat of coronavirus contamination far from over, the options have narrowed a little.

The Budget Travel Blues

Backpackers all over the world are struggling under the burden of social-distancing requirements. By their very nature, these establishments are a haven of social interaction. Living, eating, and socialising in close confines with other travellers are part of the charm of these accommodations. 

However, nowadays, not only are backpackers having to reduce their number of guests due to safety protocols, but they’ve gotten a bad rap thanks to outbreaks in backpackers in Australia and India.

High Points of High-End Accommodation 

So, if you’re nervous about budget travel right now, you could always check into a luxurious five-star hotel, right? 

Here you can enjoy as much privacy as money can buy. Room service is not a problem when it comes to mealtimes, and you can rest assured that every inch of your room’s been sanitised in great detail before you arrive and will be once again when you leave.  

Of course, all this individual attention costs money and it’s money that a lot of travellers simply don’t have right now. Fortunately, there’s another option.

Self-Catering Accommodation for Social Distancing

Self-catering accommodation offers all the benefits of a five star stay without the five-figure price tag.

When you book self-catering accommodation, you needn’t worry about crowded lobbies or dining rooms, or any shared amenities. You’ve quite literally got the whole place to yourself. 

Your housekeeper will ensure your apartment’s spic and span before you arrive and you control where, when, and what you eat. 

Renting a luxury self-catering apartment is the closest thing you can get to staying within the safety of your own home and traveling at the same time. 

Book Your Spot Now

So, if you’re excited to resume your travels around South Africa and you’ve got the Mother city on your list, get in touch right away.

We can set you up in luxurious and centrally located Cape Town accommodation that’s perfect for discovering the best that the city can offer. 

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