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Winter wise tips for insulation

The Cape winter, with its stormy weather and chilly nights, is the ideal time to curl up with a good book, a glass of wine, or your Netflix watch list.

But if your home isn’t well insulated, you may find yourself shivering the nights and early mornings away under a warm blanket. Fortunately, it’s easy to insulate your home for winter – and it’s a great idea to fill your home with throws and blankets that match your décor! Here’s how.

Isn’t my home insulated already?

You may be wondering what all this talk about insulation is about – after all, doesn’t every home have an insulated roof?

The answer is, yes and no.

If you’ve ever been up in the roof of your home – and it’s not recommended for beginners – you may have noticed that only the sides of the roof are insulated.

  • For a truly well-insulated roof that will keep your house warm in the Cape winter, you’ll want to ask your contractor to insulate the area above your ceiling too.
  • This will create a blanket of warm air above your living spaces, keeping you toasty warm during the chilly months ahead (and cooler in the heat of summer).

Don’t forget doors and windows

Due to South Africa’s generally warm climate, our homes don’t have tightly insulated doors and windows like houses overseas often do.

Unfortunately, Cape Town’s winter climate is colder and wetter than some other parts of the country – and those drafts that come in under the door don’t have to spoil your winter!

By installing seals or a draft proofing strip on your doors and windows – and opting for thicker winter curtains – you’ll enjoy a warmer home throughout the winter.

A well-insulated home is cheaper to heat – and cool

Whether you’re warming your home in winter or running your aircon in summer, a home that is well insulated will help you reduce your power bills.

With Eskom prices rising by the day, the small investment you make in insulation is sure to pay off over the years.

A well-insulated home is always popular with potential buyers. If you’d like to have your Cape Town home valued or market it for sale or rental, contact the Cape Realtyteam today. 

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