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A Guide to Exploring Cape Town with Kids During the Pandemic

The Mother City offers safe and exciting travel options for all ages, but it’s especially fun for kids. Find out how you can keep your little ones safe and entertained during your trip to Cape Town with kids.

Travel Responsibly in Cape Town

As long as you follow the recommended guidelines, you can explore Cape Town with kids safely and still have a great time.

The Mother City’s been hard at work throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety of guests and residents alike. For your own sake and that of others, follow all the recommended World Health Organization guidelines.

If you visit any attractions with additional safety restrictions, be sure to comply with these too.

All these measures are in place to ensure you enjoy a safe and healthy holiday in Cape Town. Educate your children on these rules and explain how important it is to practice social distancing and good hygiene at this time.

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you wherever you go and wipe little hands frequently. It’s important to wear a face mask everywhere you go in Cape Town.

Cape Town Weather

Fortunately, Cape Town has a mild Mediterranean climate that is thought to inhibit the spread of viruses.

During the summer, the city boasts warm day time temperatures and long hours of sunshine, creating a healthy climate for all visitors.

Outdoor Activities in Cape Town With Kids

Outdoor activities are by far the best option for added safety at this time. Cape Town offers many wide-open spaces to explore with your kids and enjoy the other health benefits of the great outdoors too.

There are plenty of al-fresco dining options, outdoor sports options, playgrounds, and beaches for the little ones to enjoy. Outdoor attractions are ideal in these times of social distancing but another way to limit your contact with other people is to travel during quieter times of the year.

Refresh Your Children’s Memories

Children are pretty good about observing all the rules, but they might think things are different during their holiday.

Make sure they understand that the coronavirus is everywhere and that they need to practice extra care when they’re in a strange place.

Plan Your Cape Town Family Holiday

Our self-catering Cape Town accommodation undergoes regular and stringent sanitization procedures and has low occupancy levels. Self-catering accommodation is by far the safest way to holiday nowadays since it limits unnecessary contact with other people.

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