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Behind the scenes at The Beerhouse Cape Town

Behind the scenes at The Beerhouse Cape Town

beerhouseOne Monday of every month there is a rare Cape Town luxury going down at The Beerhouse on Long Street. This occasion is your chance to have a word or two with the men and women behind the beer you will find at this iconic pub, and get the inside scoop on the city’s burgeoning artisan beer industry.

Each time, a different brewery is invited to the party to share their secrets and answer any burning questions from the beer-swilling public. These Meet the Brewer events are becoming a popular way to turn your back on the Monday blues, and it’s all in the name of education – so that’s a good thing!

The events take the form of an introductory talk by the master brewer of each establishment describing his produce, with examples for each guest to taste, followed by a question and answer session.

Then, each brew is matched with a sample of the kind of food which it is best suited to, whipped up by The Beerhouse’s talented chef, Roy.

Who ever knew that London Ale with caramelized pecans and blue cheese were a match made in heaven, or that a dessert of pear, honey and Heffeweizen sorbet has been the perfect partner for Weiss beer all along?

Other wacky combos include:

  • American Pale Ale, with crispy black pudding and potato cake, with a poached hen’s egg, smothered in chilli hollandaise
  • IPA served with pulled pork pie, curried channa, mango chow and savoury seeds
  • Amber Ale paired with Klein Rivier Gruyere, pumpernickel rarebit and green fig preserve

Yet another winning combination is the large balcony area, welcoming hospitality, huge variety of beer and great meals available at The Beerhouse, any day of the week, from 11am until late.

With one of the largest selections of ales in Africa, it is unlikely that The Beerhouse will run out of guest brewers soon. Keep a lookout for the next event and book well in advance if you would like a taste of how Monday nights should be – the word is out and tickets move fast.

If you can’t get in to one of the Meet the Brewers evenings, there are other regaling goings-on hosted at this popular venue. The Beerhouse is becoming famous for its off-the-wall events, with regular beer pairings, quiz evenings, free beer Fridays, silent discos, comedy evenings and Beer School evenings, all with the sole intent of encouraging an appreciation of Cape Town’s luxurious selection of artisan malts and ales.

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