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Meet the African Penguin on Netflix

Jul 23, 2021
Tune into Cape Town from afar with a new documentary featuring the Boulders Bay’s African penguin. Here are ...
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Cape Town Travel 2021: Exciting Day Trips for an Extended Stay

Aug 18, 2020
Make up for lost time by planning extended Cape Town travel for 2021. Check out these top day ...
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A Whale of a Time

Nov 26, 2014
Although the whale season usually peaks towards the end of September or beginning of October with the highlight ...
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Time Travel by Steam Train

Oct 22, 2013
I’m a sucker for the early days of transport.  I get no thrill from sitting in traffic and ...
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Adventures in the Open Ocean

Aug 07, 2013
  On the morning I am due to join a friend for our ‘kayak adventure’ from Simons Town ...
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Talking Tibetan Tea House

Apr 09, 2012
They say: best brewed on the stovetop using hot water.  Allow the tea to brew on a low ...
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