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Celebrating World Pangolin Day with Cape Town

If you’ve been indulging in some of our online safari suggestions, you might have come across the shuffling, snuffling, armoured ant eater known as the pangolin. If so, you’ll be happy to know that you can do your bit to help promote their wellbeing and it won’t cost you a cent.

World Pangolin Day is celebrated on February 20th each year and is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for the plight of these unique mammals and while we might not be able to celebrate the day in person, it’s always possible for pangolin enthusiasts to help raise awareness.

Why Pangolins?

Pangolins are among the most trafficked species on Earth. Their scales are hailed as a traditional protective measure against inflammatory diseases and more recently due to the (false) belief that they contain a form of tramadol.

Of course, since the scales are comprised purely of keratin, just like rhino horns, all these beliefs are medically unfounded and probably based on the animal’s ability to protect itself from predators like lions.

The world needs to know that these incredible creatures are worth more alive than dead and here’s how you can help.

Do it for Pangolins

This year, Pangolin Africa, an organisation that works to create awareness of the pangolin plight, is calling on everyone to get involved by doing something for pangolins.

Whatever you do aim to do it better and post a photograph of your achievement on your social media with the hashtag #4pangolins and ask your friends and followers to do the same.

You don’t need to anything spectacular at all. You can wear a mask for pangolins, prepare a vegan dish for pangolins, or shop ethically for pangolins. Whatever you do, do it a little better and do it for pangolins.

You can download a personal action sheet from their website fill in the blank with your action and take a selfie before posting your ‘official’ #4pangolins picture.

Let’s see who can have the most environmentally conscious fun for pangolins this February.

Where to See Pangolins 

Pangolins occur in Asia and Africa, and if you’re lucky enough, you could see one of Africa’s four endemic species at some of the northern Cape reserves. Tswalu Kalahari stands out as one of the best places to view pangolins but you’ve got a chance, albeit a slim one, of seeing them at any of the Kalahari reserves.

The Kruger Park is one of the other safari destinations that boasts relatively healthy pangolin populations.

Start Your Pangolin Search in Style

Whether you’re heading off to hinterland safari during your trip to South Africa, or spending some time in Cape Town’s nearby reserves, jetting into Cape Town’s the best way to start off your trip. Plan to spend some time enjoying the luxuries the Mother City has to offer before you head for the wilds.

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