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How to be Sustainably Fish Smart with Seafood in Cape Town

Seafood is a wonderful option during any seaside stay but especially in Cape Town where the freshest fish is combined with some of the country’s best chefs.

Yet, as consumers we need to be cautious about what we take from the ocean these days. 

Apart from yellow fin tuna, all kinds of tuna, prawns, sardines and kingklip are in the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative’s orange zone. West Coast rock lobster is on the red-list. This means these species are bordering endangered so you shouldn’t eat any that come from unsustainable sources.

These are Cape Town’s top SASSI-approved restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about asking awkward questions on your big night out or stick to vegan-friendly eats only.  

La Tete, Cape Town, Bree Street

Not only is La Tete one of the city’s most popular high-end restaurants, chef Giles Edwards has taken seafood sustainability to heart in all his menu options.

La Tete is famous for its nose-to-tail approach to all-round dining, which means no part of the animal goes to waste. Here you’ll find only seasonal locally-produced and sustainable meat and fish. Try the octopus, cucumber and sea spinach or the mussels, leeks and bacon.

SeaBreeze Fish & Shell, Bree Street

Chef Philip Alcock is another chef who’s cracked the SASSI-nod for his locally sourced sustainable seafood. His meals are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, with the focus on natural flavours. The oysters are a hit with diners here and the new rum bar is making waves too.

Ocean Jewels at The Woodstock Exchange 

Julie Carter was raised in the small community of Gansbaai and so has a healthy respect for the marine life off the coast of Cape Town.

Her intimate knowledge of what’s sustainable and what’s not means that you’ll only ever find green-listed fish and seafood on her menu. You’ll also find the best fishcakes in town.

The seared tuna or calamari bowls are another sustainable hit at this upmarket fishmonger and deli.

The Societi Bistro, Gardens

Comfort food and organic, locally-sourced ingredients are what make this homely bistro tick. Robert Giliam’s Catch of the Day is always a green-listed species prepared with exceptional care and skill. You’ll have to pop in personally to check out their chalk board if you want to try the catch of the day.

Sample Seafood the Cape Town Way

Only two other restaurants nationwide cracked the nod, so clearly Cape Town is the place to be if you want to eat sustainably.

Book your Cape Town self-catering accommodation now and you’ll know where you can enjoy your seafood guilt-free.

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