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How Well Do You Know Your Facts About South Africa?

Have you ‘done’ South Africa already? Are you sure you didn’t miss any important spots? Take our quiz and learn some new facts about South Africa that will have you packing your bags again just as soon as you can.

Grab a cup of tea and test your knowledge with this quick quiz on South Africa.

Q1: What are the Names of the animals commonly referred to as the Big Five?

Answer 1: Rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo
While most of these animals tick the boxes when it comes to scarcity and elusivity, buffalo are abundant and relatively easy to spot due to their bulky size and large herds. That’s because modern day game viewing had nothing to do with the naming of these creatures.

They earned this distinction by being the most formidable adversaries for big game hunters.

Originally, only the black rhino belonged to this elite crew, but nowadays, any rhino will do. That’s largely due to a desire to downplay the association with hunting.

Q2: Can you Name South Africa’s only Dark Sky Reserve?

Answer 2: The !Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Park in the Northern Cape is so remote and undisturbed that there’s almost no light pollution in this area. That means the skies are as inky black and undisturbed as possible, boasting a dazzling array of stars and boundless opportunities for stargazing opportunities.

Q3: What is the Elephant’s Closest Living Relative?

Answer 3: Elephants are certainly one of Africa’s most iconic and unusual beasts with their huge size and long trunks. So, it’s not surprising that they don’t have many close relatives in the animal kingdom, and the one they do have looks nothing like it.

DNA studies have revealed remarkable similarities between the common Rock hyrax, known as the ‘dassie’ to its friends, as the elephant’s next of kin.

This research involved a 60-million-year-old skull believed to belong to the earliest form of elephant species. This ancient creature was only 50cm long, with no trunk, and front incisors which jutted out of its mouth, ready to evolve into tusks.

It’s believed to be one of the three offshoots which evolved from the hyracoid, namely the elephant, hyraxes, and manatees and dugongs.

The best place to see dassies is basking among the rocks of Table Mountain, one of the world’s oldest mountains.

Q4: What Are Some of South Africa’s Record-Breaking Landmarks?

Answer 4: In some ways, South Africa is a country of extremes, like: 

  • The longest wine route in the world in the Western Cape
  • More flowers in the Cape floral kingdom than in the entire UK
  • The most luxurious train in the world – Rovos Rail
  • The only urban penguins in the world
  • The biggest green canyon on earth – the Blyde River Canyon

The list of incredible attractions in South Africa goes on and on.

Q5: For the foodies – what is the name of the traditional Afrikaner stew cooked over a campfire?

Answer 5: A ‘potjie’ or ‘potjiekos, pronounced poi-key-kos is basically pot food. This popular campfire ‘stew’ consists of a variety of vegetables and meat all layered in a cast iron pot and cooked over open coals. The difference between a stew and a potjie, is that once the vegetables and meat have been sealed and the liquid and herbs have been added to the pot, the potjie should not be stirred until it’s ready to serve.

Discover More Facts about South Africa

Isn’t it time you embarked on a fact-finding mission to this fascinating destination? Cape Town’s a good place to start, so get in touch right away to book your next stay in Africa’s most southwestern city.

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