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They say a change is as good as a holiday. Well, in the same vein, a fresh haircut is as good as a long summer – in my opinion in any case. Now, with the days becoming longer, and summer sticking out its head, it may be a good time to go for that refreshing haircut.

If you are in the privileged position of finding yourself in Cape Town, why not go all the way and go to a completely new hairdresser? If you are ready for this bold move, then the Boy Girl Hair Salon is just the place for you. This unisex salon is owned by Günter Theiss, a man who has known what he wants since he was a mere teenager. Over the years, Günter has developed his technique and style to become what could be termed a master hair stylist.

Günter and his team see hair as an art medium.

A visit to the Boy Girl Hair Salon will soon confirm that Günter and his salon are not only passionate about the tools of their trade and hair design – but that they are mainly concerned about the people who place their trust in their capable hands. This holistic approach is reinforced in the time spent with each customer. Unlike the usual hour or two, these three stylists spend hours with each client to make sure that they enjoy all the attention they deserve and that the stylist understands the person, in order to match the hairstyle.

At this luxury salon, you will have a choice of colour, cuts, curls, treatments and fashion styling – to mention only a few options. Besides all this though, you may also enjoy the extra-long head massage, which is included in the deal.

At Boy Girl Hair Salon, you are guaranteed to have a completely personalised style – one that suits your personal preference and style. The end result? You will be ready for summer, and you will love your hair!

For luxury accommodation to suit your new hairstyle during your visit, please visit our accommodation section or contact us.

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