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My Octopus Teacher – A Cape Town Diving Documentary with a Difference

Most South African wildlife documentaries focus on the Big Five, but this one gives insight into the mysteries of the deep blue as it explores an uncanny kinship between man and eight-legged beast.

The scene is set when a Cape Town diving enthusiast takes to the waters outside Cape Town in search of meaning beyond his mundane existence.

The Unlikely Star of the Show

In his quest for something different, budding naturalist, Craig Foster, finds himself embroiled in a free-diving relationship with one of the Cape Town kelp forest’s most interesting inhabitants.

Mankind has long been fascinated by the activities of the Octopus. It’s a bizarre natural anomaly, sporting eight arms and the ability to transform itself at a whim; perhaps, in fact, the inspiration behind those human-like robots in the transformer films that had an uncanny ability to transform into other species!

The octopus is a fascinating soft-bodied mollusc, roaming the ocean with its brain in its arms, able to transform into a solid shape despite its distinct lack of a skeleton.

My Octopus Teacher shows us another, almost human side to this unusual creature.

Two World’s Collide

While exploring the ocean outside Cape Town, Craig comes across an unusual looking pile of shells on the ocean floor. Further investigation reveals that this unusual sighting is an octopus.

Intrigued, he starts to follow it in order to observe its behaviour. In the process, he finds out quite a bit about himself too. Throughout the journey, Craig shares his thoughts and experiences drawing unusual parallels between the life of the octopus and his own.

It’s an emotional, personal journey as well as a fascinating expose on octopuses’ behaviour and it’s this unusual combination that gives the documentary its appeal.

As the story progresses, Craig draws us into this world and his touching relationship with the octopus.

For some, My Octopus teacher may come across as too anthropomorphic, but it’s an interesting watch regardless.

You can catch up on this underwater tale on Netflix or join us in Cape Town or a close up of what the ocean has to offer.

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