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The perfect Valentines Day experience


The perfect Valentines Day experience

Is your other half your knight in shining armour? Or the lady that has cast you under her spell? There is a way to fit into these roles perfectly, even if only for moment. Mount your horses this Valentine’s Day for an exquisite experience and thrill – the thrill of riding horses on the South Peninsula’s idyllic Noordhoek Beach.

The luxury of Cape Town lies in its variety of options and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Cape Town offers the perfect ‘out-of-box’ ideas. Horse riding in Noordhoek makes for the romantic outing in more ways than one. First there is the setting along the beach, the white sand stretching out for miles ahead of you, with the shimmering blue waters of the cold Atlantic Ocean to your one side, and a mountain backdrop on the other.  There really is only one way to describe this beach and that is pristine. Add to this some cantering horses with mane’s blowing in the wind and you have something from a fairy-tale.


If you or your partner has never ridden a horse before, don’t stress, Imhoff Equestrian Centre offers horses that understand your specific requirements and which fit with your skills level. Whether you are an experienced rider or not, the right horse is chosen for you and a guide accompanies you at all times.

The ride leaves from the stables and takes you through the scenic wetlands, with all kinds of animals and birdlife along the way – until you reach the famous Noordhoek beach.  Taking a slow pace, you ride until you reach Chapman’s Peak and then head back to the stables. And yes, they do offer private rides for special occasions if you’d prefer to have the experience all to yourself, to really get those romance brownie points way up there! The only downside possibly would be the helmets – they may not be the most sexy accessory, but are there for your safety and of course, compulsory!

Whilst taking in everything, the adventure and scenery are sure to form the perfect romantic setting for your Valentine’s Day. And after the ride, you can enjoy a crisp glass of wine with a gorgeous meal at one of the restaurants at Noordhoek Farmer’s Village – rounding off the perfect Valentine’s Day experience.

For more information and to book your ride early this Valentine’s Day – visit the Equestrian Centre website.

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