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Pinterest Predicts You’ll Be Traveling to Cape Town Soon

The popular social media platform recently released its predictions for 2021 and there are several reasons why Cape Town makes the grade according to this forecast.

This platform uses statistics gleaned from its most popular pins as an accurate predictor of what people are literally looking for in 2021. Many of its users use these pretty images as inspiration for safe future travels, so here’s why Pinterest says you should take a trip to Cape Town soon:

People Are Still Planning to Travel this Year

Pinterest users are still fervently planning future trips, if their searches are anything to go by. People are still looking for honeymoon destinations, luxury accommodations, self-catering accommodation, mountain travel, forest resorts, and dream vacations.

Of course, Cape Town ticks all these boxes a thousand times over. It’s one of the most gorgeously photogenic citieson earth. It’s filled with romantic wining, dining, and seaside strolling opportunities, and there are at least ten ways to enjoy Table Mountain and the surrounding forests.

There’s no shortage of social-distancing-approved luxury accommodation around the city either.

The Great Outdoors Is a Top Choice

Isolated destinations are another popular, and wise, choice right now and you’ll find no shortage of ways to get away from it all near Cape Town.

Here, you can enjoy the luxuries and conveniences of a city stay with plenty of outdoor attractions close by. The beaches will open soon, allowing for quiet times in secret spots and you’ll find no shortage of open space in the city’s surrounding wine farms, mountain biking trails, and game reserves.

Whether you’re in search of stargazing, natural interactions, geological glories, hiking, or horse riding, Cape Town delivers.

Work from Home, Away from Home

As work-from-home initiatives continue. Users are also in search of pretty places to earn their daily bread. Digital nomads will feel right at home in Cape Town, where you can hole up in seaside accommodation while you work or try one of the private workspaces for hire in the city.

Get on Board with Travel Trends Right Now

If you’d like to join the trend towards planning luxury holidays of a lifetime, you can get started right here. Browse our blog for inspiration and get in touch when you’re ready to book your trendy, tranquil, Cape Town escape.

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