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Planning a Workation in Cape Town Just Got Better

Digital nomads have been getting around for a while, but did you know that digital nomadism just became a ‘real’ thing?

The City of Cape Town’s just launched a Digital Nomad Initiative that will make a workation in Cape Town even more attractive for work-away-from-homers. 

Modern Times Mean Modern Solutions

Although digital nomadism is nothing new, the recent pandemic converted many a nine-to-fiver into this new more flexible role. Now, anyone with a stay-at-home mandate from their employer can switch up their scenery as and when they want to and still meet their performance goals.

Tourism was quick to embrace the transitory nature of working-from-home by offering more affordable stays for those who can work remotely as well as amping up their internet connectivity to suit remote work.

Cape Town Goes the Extra Mile

Being the perfect place for remote workers to spend time on the job, Cape Town’s always embraced the digital nomad and now the city intends to make it official.

Cape Town’s currently in discussions with government about implementing a Remote Working Visa for those who want to spend time in South Africa while fulfilling their usual work roles.

Why Choose Cape Town?

One glance at travel photographs from the Mother City, or a few of our blog articles are enough to convince anyone of Cape Town’s many attractive features for digital nomads.

If you want more proof, Cape Town was recognized as one of the best destinations in the world for remote working in 2021 by Big 7 Travel. The city also received World Travel and Tourism’s Safe Travel Stamp in August 2020.

Starting Small

The first part of Cape Town’s campaign for the digital nomad visa involved a local focus. By encouraging South African remote workers to spend time in town while working, the city hopes to refine its offering even more to suit the digital nomad.

Are You Ready to Make the Shift?

Watch this space for further developments in light of a digital nomad visa for South Africa. You don’t need to let the red tape hold you back though.

If you work remotely, there’s nothing to stop you taking a workation in Cape Town any time of the year.

Why not start planning yours now? Get in touch for more information.

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Additional Notes: UK-Time no issue – Consider a CapeTown Workation

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