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Predicting the Future of Travel Post-Pandemic

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in recent times, it’s that we can’t predict what happens next with certainty. However, emerging trends suggest what the future of travel could look like when the world eventually opens up.

Extensive Insurance

The distinct lack of pandemic insurance in travel insurance may have been something that no-one really minded up until now. From now on, we can expect to see travellers triple-checking the fine-print to ensure they’re covered when the unthinkable happens.

More Nature Travel

At the moment, some of the most searched travel terms involve destinations with wide open space as well as those least affected by the pandemic. This need for social distancing is likely to become the norm for years to come.

This means people will turn away from city travel in favour of national parks or out of town suburban travel. Safaris, hiking, and solo activities like golf will most likely thrive in the short term.

The Demise of the Middleman

It’s likely OTA’s have seen their moment in the sun. Travelers are turning back to direct bookings with agencies. During the pandemic, the red tape involved in negotiating cancellations and amendments to bookings proved too much for already-stressed travellers.

Less Queues

The advent of the online check-in occurred long before the pandemic began but airports are starting to intensify their anti-queuing procedures even more now.

Facial recognition could be the way of the future for airline check-ins as travel operators re-imagine their processes.

Travel Documentation Will Change for Now

It’s likely that a clean bill of health could become the norm for international travel along with your visa and passport.

The expense and hassle involved in this may mean that people will turn towards local travel instead of heading abroad for the time being.

Stringent Protocols

It’s almost a certainty that the strict hygiene protocols already in place will stay firmly entrenched across the travel board.
No one will want to risk further shutdowns and strict sanitization, wearing of masks, and limited access to tourist sites could stay in force for years to come. In many cases, these measures will be self-imposed by travellers if they’re not in place at their destination.
People and tourist facilities alike have become minutely conscious of hygiene and safety – and that’s not a bad thing. Self-catering accommodation will become the preferred method of travel for safety-conscious travellers wanting to avoid the crowds.

What’s in the Future of Travel for You?We can assure you that all our accommodation establishments are ready to receive travellers from around the world, and as soon as they are ready to visit us.  

South African tourism outlets have spent the past few months feverishly fine-tuning their procedures to ensure our guest’s safety is a top priority at all times. Get in touch to discuss your next trip to Cape Town and we’ll gladly put your mind at ease.  

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