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What does it take to run a beach? – Cape Town Beach Clean Up

bc3What does it take to run a beach?

One of the greatest luxuries of Cape Town is the abundant natural beauty of this place, which draws visitors from all over the world to enjoy the lovely beaches, stunning sunsets and picturesque mountains which are so abundant here.  These natural treasures are one of the Mother City’s greatest assets, yet remain under constant threat by the very people who love them so much – the locals and tourists alike who visit her shores.

The danger lies in one of the world’s most common problems – litter.  Every year Cape Town’s beaches are packed to capacity with sun seekers of every description, and every year they leave behind a legacy of plastic, paper and glass in all shapes and sizes, which mar the beauty, and threaten the fragile ecosystems of our beaches.

Enter Clean C, who are not prepared to sit and watch the litter take its toll.  This NPO is just as passionate about Cape Town as they are about people, and arranges a number of community upliftment programmes in the area.  Cape Realty is proud to be involved in their Cape Town Beach Clean Up initiative, which takes place on the first Saturday of most months.  Over the last four years, this worthy project has removed over 100 tons of rubbish from the beaches of Cape Town and the surrounding communities – where would we be without them?


Amazingly, these beach clean-up projects last only 90 minutes at a time, which goes to show the power of harnessing the help of our community for the greater good. The formula is simple: two blue flags are hoisted on either side of the area to be cleaned up, bags and gloves are provided, and anyone can join in. So if you are keen to make a difference, keep a look out for the flags, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Some of the other Clean C initiatives are their Cape Town events, including the popular Big Bay Beach Run series.  This initiative allows participants to enjoy a 2,5 to 10km run along the beautiful (and clean) Big Bay.

The first event is scheduled for 7 February and all proceeds go towards keeping our beaches clean.
If you would like more information on Clean C’s exciting projects, visit or  You can also follow us on Twitter – @bloubergbc.

See you there!

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