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Wine with a Side of Wildlife in Cape Town

Decisions, decisions. Spending time among South Africa’s fascinating wild creatures is a major attraction for visitors to South Africa. However, Cape Town also allures travellers with its huge range of activities and attractions.  

These days, you don’t have to choose. There are several places around the city where you can see some of Africa’s most attractive animals without venturing too far from your Cape Town self-catering accommodation.

Chamonix Wine Estate, Franschhoek

Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, you’ll come across a mini Noah’s Ark of Africa’s best-known plains game species. Chamonix Wine Estate is situated in the heart of a small private game reserve which is home to a selection of antelope as well as some of the Cape’s premier wines.

You can venture within these hallowed portals on a wine and game drive experience which combines the best of both worlds. As you travel through the estate’s vineyards, you’ll get the chance to see ostrich, zebra, wildebeest, bontebok and springbok, all with a glass of the Cape’s finest within reach.

You’ll stop off at each vineyard for a sample of its produce as you make your way up to Baboon ‘’Koppie” – to sip on Pinot Noir at the highest vineyard on the estate.

For an unforgettable day trip, take the Franschhoek Wine tram’s Red Line at 10h30am and embark on your game drive at 11h00. Afterward, enjoy a lingering lunch among these pristine country views before heading homeward on the tram once again.

Saxenburg Wine Estate

This 40ha reserve, just 30 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, is best known for its award-winning shiraz. Book a wine tasting to sip on some of this prize nectar while watching over fields of ostrich, wildebeest and zebra. Wine guides will take you through the tasting process, while animal guides get you up to speed on the resident wildlife.

Spier Wine Farm

One of the Cape’s best-known wine estates, Spier is also an important conservation centre for birds of prey and reptiles.

You can expect to see barn owls, vultures, martial eagles, yellow-billed kites, jackal buzzards, peregrine falcons and South Africa’s national bird, the blue crane within these hallowed grounds. Reptile species include a boa constrictor, leopard tortoises and bearded dragons.

When you’re done gawking at the feathered attractions, Spier also offers a top-class restaurant, Segway trails and a cellar full of delectable Cape wines to fill the rest of your day.

Other Wild Attractions

Don’t forget Cape Town also offers wildlife encounters of the non-four-legged kind. You can try a spot of shark cage diving in Gansbaai if you dare, snorkel and dive to your hearts’ content or meander cliffside paths in search of whales and dolphins out at sea. If you’re up for a wild time while staying in Cape Town self-catering accommodation, get in touch and book your 5-star safari now.

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