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You Can Still Go on Safari in South Africa

Most of the safari industry has taken a huge knock of late, missing both the major holiday seasons for 2020/21. This means they’ve had to get creative when it comes to showcasing the country’s wild spaces and conservation initiatives.

Now, not only can you enjoy a taste of Cape Town from afar, but you can also catch up with our wildlife from the safety and comfort of your couch. It’s almost as good as a real safari in South Africa. Of course, nothing can replace the atmosphere of the African bush, but these virtual safaris are the next best thing right now. Here’s how to get your fix from afar:

Wild Earth

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this virtual safari offering’s audience has grown in leaps and bounds. Although these incredible experiences are offered free of charge, you can also join the Wild Earth Explorers program for a small monthly fee and stand a chance to win some amazing wildlife experiences.


AndBeyond offers extraordinarily luxurious safaris all over the country. Thanks to their participation in the Wild Earth safaris, they’re now able to offer a host of exclusive virtual safari experiences of their own, called AndBeyond Connect,

These private paid excursions offer the chance to enjoy more of the group’s beautiful safari destinations in the company of an accomplished guide. It’s like your own private Wild Earth safari.


Singita was the first private game reserve to offer virtual safaris and now they’re streaming from Tanzania’s Serengeti too. You can join accomplished guide and photographer, Ross Couper, on these exciting safaris by donating to Singita’s Eastern Black Rhino Reestablishment Project.

Virgin Limited Edition

You can catch up with safari guides in the Serengeti and Sabi Sand every Wednesday at 3 pm CAT. These safaris offer the chance to interact with both the guides and other viewers.

The safaris are free, but you can donate toward one of Richard Branson’s charities focussed on helping families in the Sabi Sand if you want to show your appreciation.

Reasons to Take a Virtual Safari Today

When it comes to local employees, every single person in the safari industry supports at least ten others. So, when you help keep the safari industry afloat, you’re making a huge impact on so many lives.

Without contributions from the safari lodges and tour operators, South Africa’s conservation industry suffers. That means there are fewer anti-poaching measures underway.

The lack of funds as well as scarcity of vehicles traversing the country’s parks, means that poachers are starting to get bolder in their efforts.

The more you spread the word about your wonderful virtual safari experiences, the more people are likely to join the trend and support both the conservation efforts and wellbeing of the safari industry in South Africa.

If you can’t afford to travel to South Africa for a safari soon, the least you can do is make a small contribution toward ensuring there are animals to admire when you do make the trip.

More About Traveling to South Africa

While we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good right now, there’s nothing like a safari in South Africa to help ease the load.

So, join thousands of safari lovers worldwide on a virtual safari today and make your contribution towards conservation. 

For more information on South African tourism and how to make the most of it, keep browsing our blog.

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